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Plane flying Raiders banner trolls Rams rally at Los Angeles Coliseum

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Greg Beacham, Associated Press

Los Angeles Rams fans held a rally at the LA Memorial Coliseum on Saturday and some Raiders boosters pulled a pretty fan-tastic troll job on it. The club is the Autumn Wind Pirates of Southern California. They used their resources to hire a plane to circle above the Coliseum with a banner that reads "You Are In Raiders Country! #AWP"

Here is a photo taken of the banner as taken by Greg Beacham of the Associated Press:

Nicely done by Raiders fans who have laid claim to the LA area for decades, even after the Raiders moved back to Oakland.

The Raiders, Rams and Chargers are all currently vying for the rights to move to Los Angeles with the final vote being cast at the owners meetings in Houston which occur next week on January 12-13.

The Autumn Wind Pirates of Southern California have been strongly supporting the Raiders potential move back to Los Angeles where the team called home for 13 seasons from 1982-94.

During those years, the Raiders played their games at the LA Memorial Coliseum. As the longtime home of the USC Trojans, the coliseum authority has stated objections to the Raiders returning to play in the stadium. But there is still a possibility, should the Rams be denied relocation in favor of the Raiders, they could return to the LA Coliseum as a temporary site until a new stadium is constructed.