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Cowboys offer alternative plan for Chargers to join Rams in Inglewood

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As the vote to decide which (if any) NFL teams will be granted relocation to Los Angeles approaches, the news is heating up as to just what is being proposed and how that vote will go down.

Up to this point, the votes were to decide whether to allow the Rams to move to their proposed Inglewood stadium or the Raiders and Chargers to share their stadium in Carson. Now Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones has proposed a third option of the Chargers to share the stadium in Inglewood with the Rams according to multiple reports.

What this would mean, of course, is the Raiders would be the odd team out, left to go back to Oakland and try to work things out. It would also remove all leverage from the Raiders side of the table after Mayor Libby Schaaf and the City of Oakland have already said they absolutely will not provide any public funding for a new stadium.

That doesn't mean this new proposal will gain any traction. This is not a new concept, of course. The idea of either the Chargers or Raiders working something out in their home cities and the other team moving in with the Rams has long been an option. We now know that none of the three teams were able to get something done in their home markets which changes the dynamic. But up to this point Chargers owner Dean Spanos has been adamant he will not back out on the Raiders' join stadium plans.

There is still a lot yet to be decided and no one really knows how the 32 NFL owners will vote on January 13. Whichever proposal is accepted will require 24 votes to be approved. This new proposal could simply muddy the waters. Or if the owners were looking for a third option they like better, this could be it.