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Rival Report 10/13: Broncos and Chargers face off on Thursday Night Football

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The Denver Broncos are fresh off their first loss of the season against the Atlanta Falcons while the Chargers are still licking their wounds after losing to the Raiders thanks in part to a botched hold on a field goal. With both teams reeling after tough losses, this should be a fun rivalry game to perk them back up with.

Now, of course the Broncos are expected to win by most people's standards but don't sleep on these Chargers. They have been in every game they have played this year only to find creative ways to lose, it's not like they are a team that is just getting whooped up on by everybody they played. They still have a great QB in Philip Rivers and this is still an AFC West rivalry game that often shows that records mean little when animosity is the name of the game.

Denver looks like they will get Trevor Siemian back at QB this week, he missed their tilt against the Falcons with a bum shoulder. Their defense has been the reason for their dominating start to the season but Siemian has been an important part to that too. It probably isn't a coincidence that the game they lost they started rookie Paxton Lynch at QB, though if they lose against San DIego tonight that excuse would go with the wind.

Hopefully it's a good game for football fans to watch in general, something that has been noticeably lacking on most of these Thursday Night Football matches. Let's face it, 4 days rest before playing this violent game is a recipe for disaster for some teams and that is exactly what has played out more often than not on these TNF games. Maybe this one will be one of the games that knocks that trend, or even better maybe it'll be the Broncos that come out flat as a pancake.

I wouldn't bet on either of those things happening though. The Broncos are peeved about their first loss of the season and the Chargers find ways to lose even when they shouldn't.. Still, it's the NFL and anything can happen on a game to game basis in this whacky league, hopefully San Diego can show that to be true tonight against the defending champions.

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