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Mark Davis calls Las Vegas “new home for the entire Raider Nation” after Nevada State assembly approves stadium bill

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With just the expected signature of the governor, Raiders owner Mark Davis seems pretty confident his team will have a new home soon.

Today the proposed Las Vegas stadium got a little closer to reality. The Nevada State assembly approved the bill

"I would like to thank Governor Sandoval, the Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee, and the members of the Nevada Legislature on this historic day," said Raiders owner Mark Davis. "All parties have worked extremely hard to develop and approve this tremendous stadium project that will serve as a proud new home for the entire Raider Nation."

The Nevada State Assembly go the requisite 2/3 approval (28 to 13) today for the stadium funding bill. The Senate had approved it earlier this week by a 16 to 5 majority.

After an amendment, the bill went back to the Senate, which concurred with the changes.

Now the bill will head to the Governor Sandoval to sign off on it, which he is expected to do on Monday.

It looks like this thing is going through, which would then put it in the hands of the NFL owners for approval.