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Week 6 Early Games Open Thread

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Watch along with the other games before the Raiders take on the Chiefs.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings, Raider fans! Today brings us an exceptionally awful slate of early games. The most interesting game of the group might be the surprising Eagles vs. the inconsistent Washington Indigenous Persons. These are simply here to whet your appetite for the main event of Raiders vs. Chefs, which will be played in a driving rainstorm and should be an old-school slugfest.

Here are the early games, in handy list form:

Niners vs. Bills

Eagles vs. Indigenous Persons

Steelers vs. Dolphins

Browns vs. Titans

Ravens vs. Giants

Panthers vs. Saints

Jaguars vs. Bears

Rams vs. Lions

and Bengals vs. Patriots

Later games will include Falcons vs. Seahawks and Cowboys vs. Packers.

The only real question about this morning's batch of games is, can the Browns steal a win in Nashville? This may be their last chance to win a game this year, or they risk going unwinfeated. Best of luck to the Brownies today.