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Chiefs-Raiders week 6 game time

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It's a soggy day in Oakland. The tarp has been on the field trying to keep the place from being a mud bowl, but it's still pretty damp. The players were kicking up divots in pre-game warm-ups so you can expect a lot of slipping around for this one.

The tarp came off about 45 minutes before game time as it has continued to rain. Though it has slowed up a bit and is expected to stop at some point soon.

Its hard to say who the wet game favors. Both teams deploy speedy scat backs and have a capable short passing game. The Raiders did have the benefit of practicing on a wet field Friday in Alameda. So there's that.

It's breast cancer awareness month which means there will be spots of pink all over the field from the players' cleats, gloves, and towels to the Raiderette pompoms.

The game kicks off at 1:05pm (4:05 Eastern). See all the game viewing details here.