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Raiders vs. Chiefs second half open thread

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The Raiders are trailing at the half. Watch the rest of the game here with us!

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Chiefs and Raiders have just finished slogging their way through a tedious first half with the Chiefs leading at the break. Both the Chiefs and Raiders have missed a field goal in the first half, so let's hope the Raiders' miss doesn't come back to bite them.

Derek Carr has looked sharp thus far (except for one severe underthrow that led to a Marcus Peters interception. Carr led the Raiders right down the field to start the game, capping off the opening drive with a touchdown strike to Andre Holmes in the back of the end zone. Kansas City fired right back with a short-field drive culminating in a Spencer Ware touchdown and then later a Jamaal Charles touchdown as well. They missed a third score when Sergio Santos pushed a field goal wide left, and he has missed an extra point as well.

Amari Cooper is beasting today, with well over 100 receiving yards on the day. We'll see if he can haul in a touchdown or two in the second half to go with his big yardage. Kansas City has thus far been completely unable to contain Cooper.

The Chiefs get the ball first in the second half. Stay tuned to Silver and Black Pride for all your Raiders news and notes.