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Alex Smith put up franchise record numbers Sunday vs Raiders

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Alex Smith really likes facing the Raiders.

For anyone watching the Chiefs face the Raiders Sunday, it was pretty obvious Alex Smith had good game. But when you look closer at the numbers, it was more than just good. It was historic.

Alex Smith faced the Raiders for the ninth time in his career Sunday. And he got his ninth win out of those nine games. It’s just something about facing the Raiders that seems to bring out the best in him.

Alex Smith completed 19-of-22 passes Sunday. Yes, he only threw 3 incomplete passes. None of those were passes defended. His 86.4% completion is highest single game percentage in Chiefs history with a minimum of 20 attempts.

Four of his completions went for over 20 yards (38, 30, 26, 21). Sure, he only completed 19 passes, but he was highly efficient in those completions which allowed the offense to run the ball 40 times.

“The nature of completions,” said Alex Smith, “I think you could look at across the NFL, for the most part you’re throwing the ball 50 times, you’re losing more often than not, because you’re throwing the ball in the fourth quarter. When you’re winning and you’re playing well in the second half, your attempts are going to be more limited. If you are winning, and that’s what you hope to be doing in the fourth quarter. The way it was going today, we ran the ball really, really well and we had a good mix. We were efficient in the passing game when we had it.”

In four career games in Oakland, Smith has completed a combined 72% of his passes and has never thrown an interception while throwing nine touchdown passes. Though he didn’t throw a touchdown pass Sunday, the Chiefs score three touchdowns.

One of the touchdowns was on a Smith pass, but it didn’t travel forward so it was technically a lateral to Dontari Poe who pushed forward for a one-yard score.