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Raiders week 6 report card vs Chiefs: Offense held in check

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The Raiders have started the 2016 season with one of the hottest offenses in football. But the Chiefs extinguished the Raiders offensive attack holding the Silver and Black to ten points, How did the offense grade out in the Raiders loss to the Chiefs?

Pass Offense

Before jumping into criticism, let me start by saying this was one of the best games I have seen from Amari Cooper. After struggling to keep his feet in-bounds last week, Cooper made adjustments and properly dragged his feet on Sunday. He consistently showed off great hands all game snagging 10 receptions for 129 yards. His disappearance in the second half was due to the defense giving him extra attention.

Derek Carr who has been lights out all year easily played his worst game of the season throwing for 221 yards, a passing touchdown, and an interception. Carr also lost a fumble in the redzone which killed any chance of a comeback late in the game. While he made several nice throws, his decision making was questionable far too often including multiple passes that should have been intercepted. The cherry on top was a bobbled snap that was luckily recovered by DeAndre Washington.

With exception to Cooper, the Raiders receivers did Carr no fanvors dropping several passes. Seth Roberts has shown inconsistent hands all season and dropped a key pass on a third down. The best catch of the day goes to Andre Holmes who made an incredible third down touchdown catch.

The offensive line also struggled as Carr was sacked twice but pressure too often throughout the game. Austin Howard struggled mightily and it is becoming crystal clear that the Raiders need to improve the talent at right tackle next offseason as Menelik Watson cannot be trusted with his health.

Grade: C-

Run Offense

This team misses Latavius Murray and it is showing as the Raiders rushing attack has struggled both weeks in Murray's absence. DeAndre Washington led the unit was 49 rushing yards and Jalen Richard and Derek Carr each added 8 yards. Washington actually had a decent performance, but the unit as a whole looks a shell of what they were the first four weeks of the season.

Grade: D+

Offensive Coaching

Part of the struggles were due to execution and dropped passes, but like the defense this offense was outcoached as well as outplayed. Bill Musgrave deserves coach of the year honors thus far, but his offense was stuff all game.

Grade: D+

See the grades for the Defense/ST