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Monday Night Football Open Thread: Jets vs. Cardinals

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Wasn't this supposed to be a good game?

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Greetings, Raider fans! Tonight at 5:30 Pacific time on ESPN, Week 6 will mercifully come to an end with a game between the 1-4 Jets and the 2-3 Cardinals. Before the season began, I'm sure the schedule makers had this pegged as a really great contest, but it's turned out to be a matchup between two of the most disappointing teams in the NFL.

The Cardinals haven't been great  on either offense or defense, and lost Carson Palmer to a concussion a few weeks ago. Still, Larry Fitzgerald and David Johnson are having good seasons despite the overall sluggishness of the offensive attack.

Meanwhile, the Jets are setting new marks for futility every game. Ryan Patrick is attempting to set the single-season record for interceptions in a season, which currently stands at 42 picks thrown by our own George Blanda in 1962 while a member of the Houston Oilers. Fitzpatrick's interception count currently stands at ten through five games, so there's hope that he could break thirty on the year. Follow your dreams, Ryan!