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Jaguars asking fans to participate in really strange ritual prior to facing Raiders Sunday

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The Jaguars PR department may need some help with ideas.

Many teams have rituals and traditions in which they themselves partake or encourage the fans to engage in. The Jaguars are no different in that regard. But the ritual they are asking fans to engage in is definitely different.

They are pushing the hashtag #LockdownTheBank and asking fans to “Put your lock on the iron-rod gates around EverBank Field!” I guess as a symbol this team which last won more than five games in a season when Jack Del Rio was coaching for them, is 1-2 at home this season, and plays one of their games each season in London.

And if you do this weird thing that looks like a bunch of college students forgot the combo to their bike locks, post your photo “for a chance to be featured!” Pretty sure that didn’t deserve an exclamation point.

Featured? Really? Like how? And why? You guys hurting for cash or merch or empty game seats you could toss somebody’s way for giving your franchise free publicity? I mean, come on, throw these long suffering fans a bone here. Featured???

I thought maybe there would some story behind it, but it doesn’t appear so. The Jaguars simply direct fans to this tweet with a short video of Telvin Smith saying “Hey, Duval. We lockin’ down ‘The Bank’” and walking away. Okeedokee.

We’ve heard of the terrible towels in Pittsburgh and the Cheeseheads in Green Bay. But placing a lock on a fence has got to be the lamest ritual I’ve ever witnessed. Honestly, I mean no disrespect or offense to Jaguars fans (Much respect, honestly, cuz I don’t know how you do it), but Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, guys?