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Raiders-Jaguars: 4 Winners, 4 Losers

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Who reached for the stars, and who crashed down to earth today?

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings, Raider fans! Raiderdamus the Great and Powerful is here, delirious with joy over another Raiders road victory. Frankly, the Raiders should just never play another home game. We clearly would have beaten the Falcons if the game had been at the Georgia Dome or even in the as-yet unfinished Robotic Butthole Stadium.

The Raiders are in second place in the AFC, and can be in first place if the Steelers can defeat the Patriots at Hines Ward Field. Haters to the left.

So, what players were game and which ones were lame today?


1) Michael Crabtree

Once again, Crabtree went off with huge numbers and dominated the game. He had 96 yards, which was nearly half of Derek Carr's 200 passing yards and a score. While Amari Cooper is probably the more talented receiver, Crabtree is far more dependable right now.

2) Marquette King

Is there a better punter in football right now? Almost certainly not. King was beasting again, with five punts that netted a 54.6 yard average, which is insanity. King also had a 27-yard rush on a bad snap late in the fourth quarter for a first down, which for all intents and purposes iced the game. King kept the Jaguars out of the game nearly by himself.

3) Latavius Murray

Welcome back, Tay Train! Murray had 18 carries, and while his yardage total was only 59 yards he rushed for two important touchdowns. His power wore down the Jags front four all game long and he was able to bust some longer runs later in the day. He showed why he is so important to Oakland's success.

4) Ken Norton, Jr.

Nearly all of Oakland's defenders were winners today, Malcolm Smith excepted, and that has to reflect on Norton. The defense was mostly dominant in this game. The Jaguars only had a couple huge gains, which is much better than the six or seven big plays per game the Raiders have been getting gashed for. The secondary was locking receivers down and the pass rush was pretty good, even though Bortles is hard to bring down. Norton should be praised for his game plan today.


1) Blake Bortles

Wow, this was a terrible showing for a guy some people thought was better than Derek Carr. Anyone who thought that has never seen Carr play. Bortles was erratic and made terrible decisions. His only saving grace today was his tremendous athleticism. The Raiders hounded him all day. He threw for 246 yards on 43 attempts, with a touchdown and two costly interceptions. Oh, and he was taken one pick before Khalil Mack in the 2014 Draft.

2) Jaguars receivers

Other than Marqise Lee (who nearly got tossed from the game today) the Jags receivers were awful. Allen Robinson, who is allegedly one of the best receivers in football, caught two passes for nine yards and had some drops. Allen Hurns fared slightly better, but still only had 45 yards on four receptions. They did Bortles no favors today.

3) Malik Jackson

Not only was Jackson totally ineffective today, he also lost his cool and got ejected from the game after two monster personal fouls which set Oakland up in fantastic field position, allowing them to put the game on ice. Jackson hasn't been worth the small fortune the Jaguars paid him this offseason.

4) The refs

Wow, this was a sloppy game. Jeff Triplette looked like he was herding cats out there.  Not only did the refs totally lose control of the players, they called some ridiculous penalties like an intentional grounding on Blake Bortles on a play where a free rusher (Khalil Mack) could have put him in the hospital. Triplette's crew now has the two games onthis season with the most penalty yards, in back to back weeks. The only saving grace for this crew was that they called holding on the Jaguars a ton. The Raider rushers get held constantly and only Triplette's crew has consistently seen and called it.