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Mike Mayock makes few interesting observations from Raiders film including blatant uncalled holding

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NFL analyst Mike Mayock grabbed some clips from the Raiders win over the Jaguars and made some interesting observations.

Today, NFL Network’s Mike Mayock chose the Raiders vs Jaguars game to analyze. He has a keen eye for picking out intricacies that may otherwise have gone unnoticed and he used that eye to make a few very interesting notes about the Raiders game.

He started with the guy he was high on before anyone else was coming into the 2014 draft. One Khalil Mack.

The next observation he made was a pretty agregious holding by a defender on an offensive linemen, but unfortunately the officials are not looking for those kind of holds, they are looking for the offensive linemen to do the holding, not be held. So, when Rodney Hudson was prevented from pulling to make a block, resulting in a run stuff for a loss, it went unnoticed and uncalled by the officials.

Sometimes the offensive line does just what they’re supposed to do and it’s the ‘skill position’ player who doesn’t do his job. As we see here with DeAndre Washington flat out dropping a screen pass that may well have gone for a good gain.

Then there’s those times when the receiver does just what he is supposed to do. And you know Mayock had to take a look at the bet play of the game — the 56-yard bomb from Carr to Michael Crabtree.

Good stuff.