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Broncos hoping to do to Brock Osweiler what Khalil Mack did in Denver last season

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The Broncos face the Houston Texans tonight along with their former quarterback, Brock Osweiler who they hope to see on his back a lot. They know quite well what that looks like.

This offseason the Broncos were faced with a decision. With Peyton Manning retiring, they needed a replacement. They had hoped that replacement would be Brock Osweiler, but weren't willing to pay him a lot of money to stay, so he left to sign with the Houston Texans.

Tonight on Monday Night Football, they face each other and this time the Broncos are far more enthusiastic about the prospect of seeing Osweiler get sacked than they were when he was in their uniform.

"We know that Brock likes to hold the ball so I feel that we can get a lot of good pressure on him," Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall said this week. "Just watching their offense, I think this can be a great week for us, I can say that."

"We know Brock. He came from here and we just want to kill him. That's what we want to do."

No defender last season destroyed Brock Osweiler to the degree Khalil Mack did for the Raiders. The result was the Raiders leaving Denver with a 15-12 come-from-behind victory; handing their bitter rival Broncos one of their four losses on the season. And in front of their home fans too.

Mack had 5.0 sacks in this game. One of those was a strip sack in the end zone resulting in a safety. And his sack total was only a portion of his overall dominating performance. He was quite literally unstoppable. I can't recall a more dominating performance by a Raiders player ever.

Equally incredible was every one of Mack's sacks came in the second half. Here are GIF's of all five sacks just for fun.

sack 1

sack 2

sack 3

sack 4

sack 5