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Rival Report 10/25: Texans' QB Brock Osweiler flames out in return to Denver

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Brock Osweiler "I really thought I'd play well tonight!"
Brock Osweiler "I really thought I'd play well tonight!"
Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos drafted Brock Osweiler in the 2nd round of the 2012 NFL Draft and they cultivated the 6'8 QB as their heir apparent to Peyton Manning. He was the QB of the Future for the Broncos, but when the future came Brock hit free agency and left for Houston. His return to Denver was last night, and let's just say he did not give Broncos fans reason to regret him leaving.

The entire departure for Brock Osweiler from Denver was contentious to put it lightly. Osweiler started a few games mid-season for the Broncos last year after Peyton Manning had his notorious struggles, but when it got close to playoff time Denver spurned Brock and reinstated Manning for their Super Bowl run. That seemed like the straw that broke the back for the relationship between Brock and the Brockos, I mean Broncos.

Once free agency opened up Denver GM John Elway was overly confident that Osweiler would re-sign with the Broncos. He offered less and expected Brock Osweiler to sign it and be happy about it. That wasn't the case because Houston came calling with a far superior 4 year, $72M deal and off went Osweiler.

The Broncos scrambled, signed the doomed Mark Sanchez, but still ended up smelling of roses after Paxton Lynch fell to them at the end of the 1st round and the previous year's 7th round rookie Trevor Siemian turned out to be somewhat of a gem. Ever since then the Broncos are absolutely thrilled and the Texans may or may not be experiencing some buyers remorse.

Those feelings just got exacerbated because Brock Osweiler's return to Denver on Monday Night Football was embarrassingly bad. Every single Denver fan out there is having a field day this morning ripping to shreds Osweiler and any belief at all that losing him was a bad thing. Meanwhile, the Texans are left to pick up the pieces of their broken dreams as their $72 million dollar man just turned in a goose egg in possibly his biggest game of his career.

Brock Osweiler's  22 of 41 passes for a measly 131 yards and no touchdowns will be the stuff of nightmares for him if his career continues to sour at such a nasty pace. It wasn't just his incredible lack of success last night, after all Denver's defense is one of the best in NFL history, it was the way he just looked completely inept at anything he tried to do and it was on National Television.

This was a game that surely meant the world to him, it was his chance to show the Broncos that they should regret losing him. Going into this game Elway had already stated that "Sometimes the best deals are the ones you don't make", this was the chance Osweiler had to show Elway he should have made this deal. Instead, he legitimized the Broncos refusal to offer anywhere near what the Texans did and gave Elway even more reason to be smug about losing Osweiler in the off-season.

At this point the Texans have to be getting extremely worried. They offered a lot of money because they thought that they were getting a franchise QB, instead they have gotten a guy that looks like a career back up more than anything else. This was the chance for all of that to be turned around for Osweiler, but instead of doing so he flamed out.

Instead of changing the narrative, he reinforced it. Now the pressure will be on like never before for him to provide a positive return on the Texans investment in him. If not, the Texans might just have to start looking at what quarterbacks will be in the draft for next year.

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