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Raiders week 7 Ballers & Busters vs Jaguars: Part two

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After a lengthy Ballers, we come to the Buster.


Shilique Calhoun

He had one tackle in 21 snaps. The Jaguars’ second score of the game came on a drive in which Calhoun started by not sealing the edge to allow a 15-yard run. A couple plays later he gave up a 7-yard catch. The Jaguars added a field goal from that drive.

His next two mistakes came on special teams. First he had a false start on a punt. Then he was called for holding that brought back a 42-yard punt return by Jalen Richard. And the holding was nowhere near the return.

Calhoun was credited with a hurry in the game. But it was on a play in which he just stood there on the other side of the line of scrimmage with a free lane to the QB. It was as if he was covering someone, only he wasn’t. Blake Bortles had all day to find a receiver, and by the time Calhoun had made up his mind to actually rush him, it was too late. He got the pass away for a 21-yard completion on third and 10. That play kept a drive that led to the Jaguars’ only touchdown to pull them within ten points in the fourth quarter.

I don’t really want this to seem like I’m piling on Calhoun here. He is the only Buster, but that’s not because he deserves all the blame. It’s just because there was no one else in my estimation who played poorly enough to make the list.

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