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Buccaneers head coach’s plea to fans: “Let’s keep those Raiders jerseys out”

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Buccaneers first year head coach Dirk Koetter is concerned about Raiders fans filling up their stadium.

You know the Raider Nation is not just a clever name when opposing coaches are pleading with their fans not to let the place get overrun by Silver & Black. That’s what Buccaneers head coach Dirk Koetter did this week when he appeared on a local radio show.

“We as a team have to do our part, making RayJay [Raymond James Stadium] a place that opposing teams don’t want to play,” Koetter said via “So we need the crowd’s help on that. We do our part; we got to play better at home. The other thing is, we got to keep the opposing fans out of the lower bowl. I mean, let’s keep those Raiders jerseys out.

“I keep beating that drum. I know I’m going to get criticized and [hear] ‘Hey Dirk, your job is to coach the team.’ Yeah, it is. I promise you I’m going to do my part to the best of my ability.

“It’s just not a good sign for us to have that many opposing jerseys in the lower bowl. Hey all you fans out there, tell all your neighbors selling your tickets to Raiders fans, give’em away as Christmas gifts to somebody who’s a Bucs fan.”

Koetter has ties to Jack Del Rio. He was Del Rio’s offensive coordinator in Jacksonville for five seasons sfrom 2007-11.

I have heard from Raiders fans that there was a pretty good turnout of Raiders fans in Jacksonville last Sunday. The same was true when the Raiders played in New Orleans in the opener. There are fans across the country and with the team sporting a 5-2 record which is the second best record in the AFC and tied atop the AFC West, the fans are even more excited to see the 2016 edition.

The Buccaneers are sitting at 3-3 on the season. Oddly enough both teams are coming off blowouts of the other team’s nearest in-state rival. The Bucs pummeled the 49ers 34-17 and the Raiders did the same to the Jaguars, winning 33-16.