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NFL week 8 power rankings roundup: Raiders time outside top 10 was brief

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The Raiders are back in the top ten (and better than ever)

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The power rankers (if that’s even a word) are a fickle bunch. With a 4-1 record after the first five weeks, the Raiders finally clawed their way into the top ten. But a loss to the Chiefs knocked them down into the teens. Now after a decisive victory in Jacksonville, the Raiders are back in the power ranking good graces.

This week the Raiders head to Tampa back in the top ten.

SB Nation: 10

Last week: 14

The Oakland Raiders are back in the top 10 after decimating the Jacksonville Jaguars and looking every bit like their 5-2 record. They won in every facet of the game and just have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers between them and a huge AFC West showdown with the Denver Broncos.

Pro Football Focus: 7

Offense rank: 3

Defense rank: 24

CBS Sports: 9

Last week: 13

The Raiders are 4-0 on the road. That's impressive for a young team.

FOX Sports: 10

Last week: 13

The Raiders have been extremely impressive this season, but they’ve yet to beat a truly great team. Their upcoming schedule is fairly soft which does favor Oakland, but it could hurt them down the stretch if they’re not tested by contenders. Two dates with the Broncos should be telling.

ESPN: 11

Last week: 14

The Raiders are still chilling at the top of the AFC West standings, but are they for real? Of the five-win teams this season, the Raiders by far have the worst point differential (plus-6). A trip to Tampa in Week 8 could help bolster that margin though. 11

Last week: 14

The Raiders are 4-0 on the road this season; they've only reached that mark twice in their illustrious history. Even more noteworthy: The two years Oakland pulled off being the Mad Max of the NFL, they made it all the way to the AFC Championship Game -- in 1977 and 2000. Kenny Stabler was the QB for the Silver and Black in '77, and although he doesn't look anything like Stabler, Derek Carr's free-wheeling style of play resembles Snake's. One other note: Michael Crabtree is having himself a year.

Yahoo!: 9

Last week: 13

The Raiders are 4-0 in the Central and Eastern time zones and 1-2 at home. Strange. One note: The Raiders are in a tough division and they get only seven home games. One of their “home” games is against the Texans in Mexico City. Maybe they’re the strange team that is much better on the road and giving away a home game doesn’t matter, but having one fewer home game than the Broncos or Chiefs is not fair in what will likely be a close playoff race.

Average rank: 9.57

Top ten (with average rank):

  1. Patriots (1)
  2. Cowboys (3)
  3. Seahawks (3.14)
  4. Vikings (3.85)
  5. Broncos (4.57)
  6. Packers (7.57)
  7. Falcons (8)
  8. Chiefs (8)
  9. Eagles (9.2)
  10. Raiders (9.57)