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Raiders LB Aldon Smith applies for reinstatement

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With three weeks until Aldon Smith’s one-year NFL suspension is set to expire, he has applied for reinstatement with NFL, Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie told the San Francisco Chronicle.

“Aldon is doing well,” McKenzie said late Wednesday night. “That situation is going to be totally up to the league because he’s been in the program and they’ve monitored him. It’s up to Goodell to say yah, nay or when. And he could say no to everything … that part is out of our hands.

“The league will take everything into consideration and Aldon will have to meet with Goodell at some point.”

November 17 is the date his suspension can officially end should commissioner Roger Goodell approve Smith’s application.

The one-year suspension stems from an incident last August that had the Santa Clara DA office file charges against him for DUI with prior, hit and run with property damage, and vandalism. This after having been suspended for previous incidents.

Smith had been signed by the Raiders two days before the start of the season and appeared in the team's first nine games this season.

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While suspended, his contract with the team was up and the Raiders re-signed him to a two-year deal through the end of 2017.

Back in July of this year, Smith entered a treatment facility three days after a video surfaced which some believed was him smoking marijuana. Smith quickly took to twitter to deny it was him in the video. Whether or not the commissioner believes Smith’s denial or believes he has since straightened himself out will be the deciding factor as to whether Smith’s reinstatement is approved.

“Aldon is working out and getting ready,” McKenzie continued. “He is in a great place and that’s the main thing. Whether Goodell lets him out or not, that’s the important thing - that he’s healthy and happy. But I would hope that we as a league reward a guy - with stipulations - who goes through the right steps and wants to get better and get his life in order.”

Should Smith be reinstated on November 17 as hoped, he would return just after the team’s bye week and in time to travel with the team to Mexico City to face the Houston Texans on November 21 -- Monday Night Football.