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Rich Gannon: Raiders QB Derek Carr should be in NFL MVP conversation (and he’s right)

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Former Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon submits Derek Carr for consideration in MVP talk.

Derek Carr is having a pretty good first part of the season. And Rich Gannon thinks the Raiders’ third year signal caller deserves to be in the MVP conversation.

“He’s playing terrific football,” Gannon said on Monday QB on CBS Sports Network. “I know it’s premature to start discussing MVP candidates, but this guy has to be right up there… If they can play better defense around him and run the ball a little bit, there’s no reason why this team can’t win 10, 11, 12 games. Derek Carr is playing lights out football for the Oakland Raiders.”

An argument can certainly be made for Carr to be considered a viable candidate. He has led the Raiders to a 3-1 record, including two hard-fought, comeback wins on the road over Drew Brees and the Saints and Joe Flacco and the previously undefeated Ravens.

In so doing, he has the 2nd highest passer rating in the league (104.6) among QB’s with at least 60 attempts. Only Matt Ryan has been better (126.3). He has the fourth most completions (104), fourth highest completion percentage (68.0), and fourth most touchdown passes (9). Once again, only Matt Ryan is consistently above him in all those categories.