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Raiders with double digit penalties in first half against Buccaneers

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With 11 penalties for 117 yards against the Jaguars in week 7, the Raiders had an ugly performance, despite the win. And with 2:00 left in the second quarter against the Buccaneers today, they were already close to matching that number.

The Raiders had 10 penalties for 86 yards in the first half alone. As you might expect, most of them were of the stupid variety.

The penalties sent the Raiders to the locker room down 10-3. That field goal came after the Raiders had been in first and goal at the 3-yard-line, only to be backed up to the 19-yard-line on a delay of game penalty on Derek Carr and an offensive pass interference on Michael Crabtree.

Jack Del Rio said heading into the locker room that the Raiders issues scoring were primarily “self inflicted penalties”.

Here’s the breakdown of the penalties (so far):

First quarter:

Michael Crabtree taunting 12 yards

David Ameson holding 5 yards

Gabe Jackson holding 10 yards

Second quarter

Derek Carr intentional grounding 14 yards, loss of downs

Raiders holding on punt return 0 yards

Derek Carr delay of game 5 yards

Michael Crabtree offensive pass interference 10 yards

David Amerson holding declined

Malcom Smith Unsportsmanlike conduct (hit QB on slide) 15 yards

Darius Latham illegal use of hands on return 0 yards

Vadal Alexander illegal formation (didn’t report as eligible receiver) 5 yards

That’s 10 penalties for 86 yards. Which I guess means they get a free sub.