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Donald Penn gets revenge with touchdown catch against his former team Buccaneers

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This is how you write a script. On the first drive of the second half, the Raiders drive to the one-yard-line, down by a touchdown. On first down, Derek Carr rolls right and connects with former Buccaneer Donald Penn for the one-yard touchdown catch to tie it up.

Penn is making his first return trip to Tampa Bay since the Buccaneers cut him three seasons ago in the middle of a 6-year deal he had signed with the team in 2010.

This week Penn made it very clear that he still carries a “very huge” chip on his shoulder from how he was left for dead by the team that drafted him and where he had been a Pro Bowler.

Though he is always quick to point out just how happy he is to be with the team of which he grew up a fan. And a team that has begun the season 5-2. Again, storybook moment for Penn.

This is Penn’s fourth touchdown of his career and his second with the Raiders.