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Chargers third overall pick DE Joey Bosa to make debut vs Raiders

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One of the stranger stories this offseason was the holdout by rookie third overall pick Joey Bosa. He and his agent didn’t like the language of the contract and wouldn’t sign it. The Chargers insisted it was more than fair and so the two sides hit a stalemate.

As of August 29, just before the start of the season, the two sides reached an agreement and Bosa joined his teammates.

Due to his late arrival along with a hamstring injury, Bosa sat out the team’s first four games. That ends this week in Oakland.

The pass rushing defensive end will be a welcome site for the Chargers who have had key defensive players dropping like flies of late including Pro Bowl corner Jason Verrett who appears to be headed to IR with an ACL injury.

Bosa was the draft’s top pass rusher with 26.0 sacks and 50.5 tackles for loss over the past three seasons for Ohio State.