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Danny Kanell calls Derek Carr a "Top 5 QB"

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On their daily talk show, "Russillo and Kanell", former NFL quarterback Danny Kannell has Derek Carr ranked ahead of Cam Newton and Andrew Luck in the quarterback hierarchy.

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Anytime you see a list of the "top quarterbacks in the league", it's hard to gauge what it is they're saying. Are they talking about "today"? Are they talking about over the next five years?

Regardless, having your quarterback make the list — especially in only his third season — is an exciting moment.

On their daily radio show, Ryen Russillo and Danny Kanell were talking about Oakland's overtime win against the Buccaneers when Kanell mentioned that he thought Carr was a "top-five level quarterback". Later in the show, they had another former NFL quarterback — Tim Hasslebeck — on the show, and the conversation was brought up again.

It appears as if Kanell is referring to something along the lines of "over the next three years" — or at least "from this point forward". Either way, the most interesting moment in the conversation is when Kanell says he'd rather have Carr than Cam Newton or Andrew Luck.

For the record, Russillo made sure to clarify, and Colin Kaepernick is not above Carr on this list.

The full segment with Hasslebeck can be found here.