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Thursday Night Football Game Time Open Thread: Browns vs. Ravens

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Watch along with us as we see if the Browns can get their first victory of the season over Baltimore.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Picture this. A bunch of executives in suits are sitting around a huge table in a boardroom at NFL Headquarters in New York City.

EXECUTIVE 1: Gentlemen, our fans are beginning to complain about the officiating as well as the quality of the game. We have to do something exciting to fix this problem. We have to make the NFL great again. Any ideas?

EXECUTIVE 2: I have an idea. Stay with me here. Browns.... versus.... Ravens. Thursday Night Football. National television.

EXECUTIVE 1: Brilliant! Plus, they can wear their Color Rush jerseys!

EXECUTIVE 3: Yes! It will be Grimace vs. Snuffalupagus!

EXECUTIVE 1: Well, they would be, except the Browns decided the jerseys were too brown. They're wearing white.

EXECUTIVE 4: Even better! Grimace vs. the University of Texas! Ratings in the southwest will be through the roof. Think of all the trucks we can sell.

So there you have it, folks. The NFL has come together to make football more exciting, and Ravens vs. Longhorns is their gift to you tonight, starting at 5:30 Pacific on NFL Network. Enjoy the game!