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Rival Report 11/15: Measure C voted down in San Diego pushes Chargers closer to LA, maybe

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The San Diego Chargers had a measure on the ballot during the Presidential Election on November 8th that would have approved a stadium in downtown San Diego for the team. It failed, and it wasn't even close. The Chargers needed to get 66.7% of the votes, they ended up with somewhere around 40% (San Diego Tribune says 43%). They didn't even get a simple majority, they really didn't even come close to the 2/3rd's vote they needed.

With that in mind, CBS is reporting that the Chargers have few options left but to move to Los Angeles with the Stan Kroenke and the Rams. It's a logical leap to make, the stadium plan they spent millions of money on (Spanos himself spent $10 million of community outreach before the vote) just got decimated by the general public of San Diego.

The problem with assuming that means the Chargers likely are going to take their chances in L.A. is that it disregards the ego of Dean Spanos. Billionaires are not used to groveling or bowing down to other people, especially not other billionaires whose net value dwarfs their own considerable wealth. It's not so easy as saying the stadium failed so Spanos is going to go to Kroenke as essentially a tenant now.

If I were a betting man, I would bet that the Chargers hold off another year before making a decision. They can choose in January to accept the relocation option to LA or they can push it off one more year before a decision must be made. As of right now it seems like Kroenke doesn't really want another team in LA, Spanos wants to stay in San Diego, and the Los Angeles residents couldn't care less if the Chargers come to town or not.

Talk about a rock and a hard place, Spanos is not in the picture perfect situation he may have hoped for. His dream of having a downtown stadium funded by a hotel tax is shot, and his best option now is to change course on moving away from Mission Valley. The city council for San Diego says they are willing to talk again now, as long as it doesn't mean a tax hike on their residents to get a new stadium and that would likely mean having to stay in the area that Qualcomm Stadium is currently located.

Will Spanos accept that and start concentrating on a more realistic stadium? It's anybody's guess. CBS is guessing now and that a bolt to LA is in the near future. Only time will tell, but the Chargers in LA seems like a worst case scenario for everyone involved right now so it's anything but certain.

My how the NFL world turns.

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