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On eve of potential reinstatement, Aldon Smith posts “Greatest comeback ever” video

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It’s been a long year for Aldon Smith. But if his optimism is to be believed, it won’t be more than a full year that he will be kept away from the NFL and his Raiders teammates.

Thursday we should find out one way or the other if commissioner Roger Goodell will be reinstating Smith from his one-year NFL ban. Wednesday his rarely used personal Twitter account, which last tweeted the words “Wake up” a week ago, posted this video of him working out with an independent trainer to keep in shape, with the words “Greatest Come Back Ever”:

Should that ban be lifted on schedule, as it appears Smith thinks it will be, he will be allowed to re-join his Raiders teammates in Alameda as they prepare for their week 11 game against the Houston Texans in Mexico City on Monday Night.

For those who think he couldn’t possible be ready in time for that game, remember he initially signed with the Raiders two days prior to the 2015 season opener against the Bengals and Smith played 29 snaps (43%) in that game.