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Lew Wolff, who refused to share coliseum site with Raiders, steps down as A’s owner

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After 11 years as the A’s Managing General Partner, Lew Wolff is stepping down with Majority Partner John Fisher now taking over his role as Managing General Partner.

Wolff was the vocal part of the A’s ownership group, and has represented one of the largest hurdles over the past few years in the Raiders working toward a new stadium in Oakland. He made it clear in June of last year that the A’s had no intention of having a new park sharing the coliseum grounds with a new Raiders stadium.

"We have no desire to compete with the Raiders for PSLs (personal seat licenses) and sponsors. We just don't see that,” he told the Mercury News.

"We have thoroughly investigated things, and there is no good way to put two brand-new venues at the Coliseum site. If the Raiders are going to be there, then I don't know what will happen.”

Fisher has taken over the primary job of finding a new stadium site for the A’s. Meanwhile, the A’s are still in the midst of a ten-year contract at the current Oakland Alameda Country Coliseum. The two-year opt out clause complicates things with regard to any hopes of the Raiders building a new stadium on the current stadium site.

It remains to be seen if Wolff’s departure will affect the stadium situation with regard to the Raiders and A’s. And it could be that any Oakland stadium talks would only commence if the Las Vegas stadium situation hits a stumbling block.