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Derek Carr: Texans “never talked to me” during draft process

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The story of the Texans’ 2014 draft blunders just continues to get more interesting.

This week, with the Raiders set to face the Texans, the subject came up with regard to why the Texans passed on Derek Carr twice.

“They never talked to me,” Derek Carr said today. “I never talked one word to a Houston scout, GM, coach, anything, so... I’m just happy to be here, I can tell you that.”

That’s a pretty big revelation for several reasons.

First of all, because of Carr’s close ties to the organization, including his continued respect for Texans’ GM Bob McNair. Derek’s brother David the first ever draft pick in Texans’ franchise history.

Second of all, the Texans were in desperate need of a quarterback at the time, opting to wait until the 4th round to take Pittsburgh’s Tom Savage who has played in a total of two career games.

Not surprisingly, the team has continued to be in need of a quarterback in the years since then, fielding seven different starters over three seasons — none of whom were Tom Savage.

The Raiders have started just one — Derek Carr.

And finally, it is interesting considering head coach Bill O’Brien’s words this week, saying he and Texans GM Rick Smith “evaluated all the quarterbacks coming out in that draft and we felt like he was definitely one of the better quarterbacks.”

That evaluation seems to fall short without a single person within the organization even speaking with Derek Carr.