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Raiders game plan vs Broncos was so good we made it into a T-shirt

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Silver &Black Pride “They knew it was coming” T-shirt

Raiders pummeled the Broncos a couple weeks ago, mostly by running all over them at will. The best part of it was not that they ran it, but how they did it. They ran essentially two plays in the second half and the Broncos were helpless to stop it.

This gameplan led to Donald Penn saying “They knew it was coming. It didn’t matter. That’s how you take somebody’s will.”

Mike Tice explained what one of those two plays was:

"It's a play our defense calls Crunch, an off-tackle run that Pittsburgh brought into the league way back when, and a whole lot of us have since stolen," Tice told "It's basically a double-team -- center and guard, or guard and tackle, or tackle and tight end -- on one of their guys, depending upon what front they show. They tried to bring a couple of guys down low to pull us off the double team, which didn't surprise me, cause it was something Wade did to me when he was the head coach of Buffalo a long time ago.”

The result was the Raiders racking up 218 yards on the ground — 114 of which was courtesy of Latavius Murray — and a dominating performance that the final 30-20 score didn’t even cover.

It was the kind of stuff you saw from Bo Jackson Tecmo Super Bowl. So we made a T-shirt of it.

Silver & Black Pride “They knew it was coming” T-shirt

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