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NFL week 11 early games open thread

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With the Raiders not playing until Monday night, today we sit back and watch the rest of the NFL games unfold. That begins with the slate of early games.

Most of the country will see the Ravens at Cowboys on CBS. The game of interest to Raiders fans will be the Bucs at Chiefs. That game will appear on FOX in Northern California.

Here's how the staff picked all the early games.

Week 11 Marcus RDreamer Levi Tyler G Asher Jeff
Chicago at N.Y. Giants NYG NYG NYG NYG NYG NYG
Arizona at Minnesota ARI MIN ARI MIN ARI ARI
Baltimore at Dallas DAL DAL DAL DAL DAL DAL
Tennessee at Indianapolis TEN TEN IND TEN TEN IND
Buffalo at Cincinnati CIN BUF CIN CIN CIN BUF
Pittsburgh at Cleveland PIT PIT PIT PIT PIT PIT
Jacksonville at Detroit DET DET DET DET DET DET
Tampa Bay at Kansas City KC KC KC KC KC KC