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Chiefs fall to Bucs, out of tie with Raiders atop AFC West

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In a rather unexpected event, the Kansas City Chiefs have fallen to the Buccaneers 19-17, knocking them down to a 7-3 record and out of a tie with the Raiders for the lead in the AFC West. This puts the Raiders (7-2) in sole possession of the lead in the division at least for a day.

Should the Raiders beat the Texans on Monday night in Mexico City, they will take a one game lead in the division over the Chiefs and Broncos. If they lose to the Texans, the Raiders would fall into a three-way tie for the division.

There will be those who point to tie-breakers with the Chiefs beating the Raiders and the the Raiders having beaten the Broncos. But none of that really matters until the season is over anyway, so it’s pointless to argue.

For now, the Raiders have to take care of business against the Texans to keep their spot atop the division. In addition, their record would keep them tied for the best record in the conference.