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Rival Report 11/21: NFL record for missed extra points proves merit of rule change

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This past Sunday NFL kickers set an NFL record for missed extra points in a single day with 12 misses. To put that in perspective, in 2014 before the rule change making extra points be kicked from the 15 instead of the 2 there were only 8 misses for the entire year. It's not too often that we have such a clear view of the effects from a rule change as this, but for this rule there is no doubt about the way it has changed the game.

The extra point kicks before the rule change had become so automatic that they were pretty much pointless even to have. The NFL was faced with a decision, either make them more intriguing or remove them all together. The kickers were vocal about their belief in keeping extra points, as they should be considering how much more valuable they are with the extra duty, so the NFL chose to make the kicks more interesting.

They have accomplished that, extra points are no longer a sure thing and therefore are far more interesting to watch. That one point can be the difference in a ball game, shown time and time again throughout the years. Every single point matters in the NFL and now that these kicks are not automatic it makes the games have more things that can affect the outcome of the game.

It also will likely make more and more teams go for two from the two yard line instead of attempt a kick from the less sure area of the field. That also bolds great for making the game more interesting because 2 point conversions are extremely exciting plays that were little used before this rule change was implemented. Not only is it more fun watching a team go for two, but there also is a better chance the defense could score points on the play with a turnover returned for a touchdown counting as two points for the defense instead.

This year has been an odd one for the NFL where they have seen their ratings drop severely after years of that seeming impossible. They need to constantly be aware of their fans and the interest in the game, and this rule change has been a boon to those needs. The automatic extra point had become stale, now there is some intrigue that will keep viewers watching a bit more intensely on a play that used to be a forgone conclusion.

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