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NFL playoff picture: Raiders grab top seed in AFC

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With their 27-20 win over the Texans, the Raiders have moved into a position the franchise hasn’t seen in a very, very long time — the number one seed in the AFC.

The win puts them at 8-2, which is tied with the Patriots, but they are ahead of the Patriots due to wins in common games.

Even before this game, the Raiders controlled their own destiny for this spot. They took the first step on that destiny with the win tonight in Mexico City.

They now have six more games in the season and should they win out, they would retain that first seed.

Here’s what the standings look after Sunday in Week 11:

  1. Raiders (8-2, AFC West)
  2. Patriots (8-2, AFC East)
  3. Texans (6-4, AFC South)
  4. Ravens (5-5, AFC North)
  5. Chiefs (7-3, Wild Card)
  6. Broncos (7-3, Wild Card)
  1. Cowboys (9-1, NFC East)
  2. Seahawks (7-2-1, NFC West)
  3. Lions (6-4, NFC North)
  4. Falcons (6-4, NFC South)
  5. Giants (7-3, Wild Card)
  6. Washington (5-3-1, Wild Card)