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Mayor Libby Schaaf announces framework of deal to keep Raiders in Oakland

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As the Raiders from a big win in a ‘home’ game in Mexico City, the news broke that their actual home has put together the framework of a deal to try and keep them in Oakland.

“The mayor said this a.m. there is a framework that that has been agreed upon and now in closed session today (county) and closed session on Nov. 29 (city council). Both bodies will review so we know if we can move forward," the mayor's office told NBC Bay Area.

The deal has been struck with the development group headed by former Raiders and 49ers Hall of Fame safety, Ronnie Lott.

It was October 19 that Mayor Schaaf said there would be a serious plan in the coming weeks.

“I remain focused on working out concrete deal terms that give the NFL’s owners an Oakland option to consider,” said Schaaf a month ago. “I believe that in partnership with Alameda County and the team Ronnie Lott has assembled, we can offer a serious plan in the coming weeks that is fair to the Raiders, the league, the fans and the Oakland taxpayers to whom I am most responsible.”

Mark Davis and the Raiders remain focused on their plans for Las Vegas, but if the plan Oakland has put together proves viable, the NFL will have to take it into consideration when deciding whether to allow the Raiders to relocate.