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Jack Del Rio didn’t bring up Aldon Smith with Roger Goodell in Mexico City

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Prior to the Raiders match-up with the Texans in Mexico City Monday night Roger Goodell spent a good amount of time in conversation with Raiders owner Mark Davis, general manager Reggie McKenzie, and head coach Jack Del Rio.

When Del Rio came over the side to join the conversation, the hypothesis flew about just what was said between the two of them. Most suspected Del Rio may have dropped a hint that he would like to get his pass rusher Aldon Smith back, whose one-year suspension was up on November 17, but who has yet to be reinstated by Goodell.

Jack Del Rio said Monday that the subject was never broached between them.

“I did not speak to the commissioner about that yesterday,” said Del Rio. “Just a brief, quick conversation on the field yesterday before the game, but that’s subject did not come up. And I don’t have anything to add, don’t have any update for you.”

It may or may not have made any difference whether Del Rio had brought it up. Goodell isn’t revealing how long he has decided to extend Aldon Smith’s NFL ban and we won’t find out until he gives him the ok.

Until then, the countdown continues. We’re at five days and counting.