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Vikings vs Lions: Thanksgiving morning game open thread

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Coming up at 9:30 am Pacific (12:30 pm Eastern), it’s the Vikings at the Lions on CBS.

For those of you on the West Coast, you’re just getting going. Perhaps there is a large bird being prepared for the oven or a ham if you prefer. In our house, we make the deviled eggs first and munch on those through the day.

Hopefully you will be welcoming guests or are heading out soon to be welcomed. If not, that’s ok too. You have your S&BP family. Spend Thanksgiving with us, talking football.

The NFL packs in the football goodness on Thanksgiving these days with three games throughout the day. Of course the standard Thanksgiving teams are represented with the families of any player on the Lions or Cowboys knowing they will be late for dinner.

First up is the Lions who host the Vikings. I can just see Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor on the couch in his Lions sweatshirt.

This Lions team this season would have probably caused him heart issues. If you think the Raiders have had some heart pounding games, try being a Lions fan. They have six wins this season and in every one of those wins, they trailed in the fourth quarter, including when they faced these same Vikings just three weeks ago -- a game the Lions won in overtime.

The Vikings are interesting as well. They started the season on fire as the only undefeated team at 5-0. Then they had their bye week. After which they promptly lost four straight games. They managed to pull out of their tailspin at least for one week by beating the Cardinals last Sunday.

All of the staff has Detroit winning except Jeff who thinks the Vikings’ win last week was not a fluke.

Should be a fun game.