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Raiders should hear verdict on Aldon Smith reinstatement this week

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As the countdown continues for Aldon Smith’s reinstatement (we’re on day 10), we should soon hear just how long that countdown will go.

Per NFL rules — as Adam Schefter reports — the NFL had 60 days to make an official decision on Smith’s reinstatement. Smith applied for reinstatement on October 3, making next Friday the day of reckoning. And if he waits until that time, it could mean Smith misses his third game since his suspension was initially up.

Smith would likely have come off suspension on time on November 17 had it not been for a video surfaced on Periscope that many believed to be Aldon Smith holding a large joint in his hand while a girl told him “you shouldn’t be posting that” and he (allegedly) was heard saying “They don’t know it’s me, it’s not like I put ‘Aldon Smith...” just as the video cut off.

Shortly after that joint video came out, Smith checked into rehab.

To be clear, hearing from Goodell doesn’t mean he will reinstate Smith. It means he will make his decision. The team and Aldon Smith are hoping for a positive response that could have Smith back in the fold and available for the stretch run.

The team with the league’s fewest sacks can certainly use a pass rusher.