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NFL week 13 playoff picture: Raiders out of top spot but can get it back, Broncos pushed out

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The playoff picture saw some shuffling this week. One was the Patriots and Raiders swapping seeds again. The Raiders were ahead last week due to conference winning percentage. That switched around with the Patriots beating the division rival Jets and the Raiders taking out the Panthers out of the NFC.

This is not a big deal. We said last week that the Raiders control their own destiny and they still do. All five of the Raiders remaining games are conference games starting with the Bills next week. While the Patriots face the NFC Rams next week. Should both teams win, the Raiders would jump back to the top seed.

The main shift was the Broncos getting pushed out of the current playoff teams by the Dolphins. The Dolphins improved to 7-4 by beating the 49ers while the Broncos fell to 7-4 with their overtime loss to the Chiefs Sunday night.

Here’s what the standings look after Sunday in Week 12:

  1. Patriots (9-2, AFC East)
  2. Raiders (9-2, AFC West)
  3. Ravens (6-5, AFC North)
  4. Texans (6-5, AFC South)
  5. Chiefs (8-3, Wild Card)
  6. Dolphins (7-4, Wild Card)
  1. Cowboys (10-1, NFC East)
  2. Seahawks (7-3-1, NFC West)
  3. Lions (7-4, NFC North)
  4. Falcons (7-4, NFC South)
  5. Giants (8-3, Wild Card)
  6. Washington (6-3-1, Wild Card)