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David Carr: Derek pinky dislocated in two places “He’s gonna be fine”

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Having his brother David as a studio analyst on NFL Network means we always have the inside scoop on Derek Carr’s situation. He spoke today to give everyone an update on Derek’s dislocated pinky, which included a mention that it was more than just one dislocation (ouch).

“I saw him last night at his house hanging out, he had his [pinky] taped together with his ring finger,” David Carr said of his brother Derek. “So, he was trying to protect it a little bit.”

“They popped it back in and said ‘ok, does it feel better?’ and he was like ‘no, it still feels pretty bad’ then they realized the second knuckle was also dislocated. That’s when they went into the locker room, got the X-ray, as soon as they got the X-ray his only question was ‘can I damage it any more?’ And they said ‘by the looks of the X-ray, it’s not broken, so you can go back out there. He said ‘can I squeeze the ball and not give any pain?’ and they said ‘yeah, go ahead’, so he went back out there and obviously the rest is history, he looked pretty good. He had to put a glove on, just to give him more grip because he can’t squeeze it as much as he would actually like to, but for the most part he’s good to go.”

David went on to explain that Derek’s throwing motion puts the pressure more on the index finger which makes the pinky less of concern for him, adding “next week he’s gonna be fine, It’s just a little uncomfortable right now.” You can see that video here.

Derek being “Good to go” was exactly what he said after the game, when he took the podium sans any kind of glove or protection. When he was asked how the hand was, Derek lifted his hand up, squeezed his fingers together and said “I’m good. Good to go.”

Derek added that the dislocation was “probably some of the most pain I’ve ever felt in my life.”

He appeared on local radio station 95.7 The Game this morning and said there was some swelling, but he will play next Sunday against the Bills.

He missed just one series against the Panthers on Sunday.