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Jack Del Rio: Khalil Mack reflexes “Like a tiger playing with a ball”

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It’s true, Khalil Mack often looks like opposing blockers are like toys to him. He bats them around like ragdolls, showing great strength, an arsenal of moves, and quick reflexes. When the superlatives run out, you sometimes have to switch over to comparisons to things that are non-human.

His head coach gets an incredulous smile on his face and shakes his head when he speaks of his next level pass rusher. Mostly because Mack just keeps adding to his amazement.

Del Rio spoke of Mack’s two big plays Sunday against the Panthers, first of the strip sack to end the game and then the pick six late in the first half.

“Great desire,” Del Rio said Mack showed on that sack. “He just collapsed that tackle, really nullified the chip [block], just by powering that guy and took the ball away and recovered it. It was a great play.

“And that was a great play right before halftime when he reached up. It’s like the reflexes, you know. It’s like a tiger playing with a ball. How somebody throwing a ball and he just snatched it and goes in and scores. Jumps rather easily. I know I couldn’t get halfway up that wall. He jumped into the black hole. That was pretty cool.”

Here are both of those plays (by Goro Burroughs)