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Falcons-Buccaneers Thursday Night Football open thread

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Two Raiders first half opponents face off tonight

After getting beaten by the Raiders, despite their NFL record 23 penalties, the Buccaneers welcome the buzz saw that is the Atlanta Falcons.

One of the Raiders two losses this season came at the hands of the Falcons in Oakland in week two. Since then, the Falcons have proven to be one of the league’s best teams with the NFL’s number one offense and Matt Ryan as the leading candidate for league MVP.

You can figure Matty Ice will connect with NFL leading receiver Julio Jones a lot in this one. They aren’t likely to put up the kind of numbers the Raiders did against the Bucs last week, but they are also unlikely to give up 200 yards in penalties either.

I don’t really expect this one to be competitive. The entire staff naturally has the Falcons taking this one going away.