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Derek Carr says he has “no limitations” with injured pinky finger, still sporting glove

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“It’s doing great,” Derek Carr said multiple times today when asked about how his injured finger is holding up and how it affects his grip and throwing motion. Carr dislocated his pinky finger in two places during last Sunday’s game.

After returning from the injury, it was too painful for him to take snaps from under center, which meant he spent the remainder of the game in the shotgun formation — including the kneel downs to end it.

As far as taking snaps, Carr added that there are “no limitations”.

Carr — who missed just one series vs the Panthers -- said Monday that there was some swelling but that he fully expects to play in next week’s game. His brother David mentioned he had seen that morning that Derek had taped his pinky to his ring finger as a precaution.

Update: Derek Carr was seen at practice still wearing the glove he used in the game Sunday immediately following the injury.

The question will be if Carr will continue to sport the glove on his throwing hand in the game next week against the Bills. He prefers not to wear it, and he threw an interception on his first drive back Sunday with it, though he insists that interception had nothing to do with the injury, but rather a great play by Thomas Davis.