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Ken Stabler family denied Hall of Fame jacket, ring

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In a sickening development, the Pro Football Hall of Fame decided a man who they enshrined posthumously doesn’t get a ring or a jacket.

As if it weren’t bad enough the Pro Football Hall of Fame waited until the instant Ken Stabler has passed away to finally induct him, now we find out his family will not receive the same items which every living Hall of Fame inductee receives. Namely the iconic yellow jacket and Hall of Fame ring.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame tweeted out all the Chicago Bears Hall of Famers who will receive a ring during halftime of Monday night’s game.

Stabler’s daughter Kendra responded to a fan’s inquiry about when Stabler’s family will receive a ring. This prompted a response from former Raiders CEO Amy Trask at which point Kendra revealed that not only does Stabler’s family not receive a ring, but they don’t receive a jacket either.

Trask is understandably livid at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, calling their stance “stunning and thoughtless”.

We all should feel this way. Not just for Stabler and other former Raiders, but for all Hall of Fame players inducted posthumously. Because if any of them are considered good enough to be inducted in the Hall of Fame now, then they were good enough then.

If Stabler had been inducted years ago, as he should have been, this wouldn’t be an issue. So, the Hall of Fame is essentially compounding one huge mistake with another. Nice going, guys.