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Report: Raiders prioritizing “Luck-ish” new deal for Derek Carr

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Derek Carr is expected to receive a blockbuster deal following the season.

Raiders third year quarterback Derek Carr will have one more year left on his rookie deal after this season. But the Raiders don’t plan on waiting that long to lock him down long term, according to a report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

After this season, the Raiders are free to sign Derek Carr to a new deal and that’s priority number one. Schefter’s league source described the expectation of the deal to be “to be Luck-ish”. That is to say it will resemble the deal the Colts gave Andrew Luck last offseason which made him the NFL’s highest paid player on a $123 million deal.

Each of Carr’s three seasons in the NFL, he has shown consistent improvement. Last season he helped lead the Raiders to a 7-9 record – their best since 2011 and a 4-game improvement over his rookie campaign that saw the Raiders begin the season 0-10. His performance earned him a Pro Bowl invite as an alternate.

This season, the Raiders are 6-2 at the halfway point with Carr on a tear. He has led them to four comeback wins already, three times named Clutch Player of the Week and last week earning AFC Offensive Player of the Week for his franchise record 513-yard, 4 touchdown performance in an overtime win over the Buccaneers.

He is currently fifth in the league in passing yards (2321), third in passing touchdowns (17), and has the fewest interceptions (3) of any quarterback with at least 250 passes. These numbers have him in the MVP conversation.

Khalil Mack was selected a round ahead of Carr, which means he will have two years left on his rookie deal which includes an option year the Raiders will undoubtedly exercise.

Next offseason, the Raiders will once again have a considerable amount of cap space with which to make Carr a sizable offer that would also not handcuff them down the road.