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NFL week 9 late games open thread

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Your place to chat with Raiders fans during the slate of late games.

With the Raiders not playing until 5:30 pm tonight (8:30 pm ET), we can all sit back and catch the late games. There are four games on tap this afternoon.

If you're in Northern California, you will get the 49ers hosting the Saints on FOX. Outside the Bay Area and across most the country will also get the Colts at Green Bay on CBS. Southern California will get the Titans at Chargers on CBS and the Panthers at Rams on FOX.

Here's how our staff picked those four games:

Week9 Marcus Levi RDreamer Tyler G Jeff Asher
New Orleans at San Francisco NO NO NO NO NO NO
Carolina at L.A. Rams LA LA CAR CAR LAR CAR
Tennessee at San Diego SD SD TEN SD TEN SD
Indianapolis at Green Bay GB GB GB GB GB GB

Enjoy your opening acts to the prime time match-up everyone's waiting for when the Raiders host the Broncos in Oakland for AFC West supremacy.