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Monday Night Football Open Thread: Bills vs. Seahawks

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Watch along with us as two playoff hopefuls face off tonight!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Greeings, Raider fans! It's a great day to be a Raider, as our heroes dispatched the pretender Denver Broncos with extreme prejudice last night. Oakland has matched their win total from last night and is well on their way to a playoff berth.

But tonight we get to do some advance scouting of a future Raiders opponent, the Buffalo Bills, who will be taking on the Seattle Seahawks. While the Seahawks still have Russell Wilson and some quality offensive weapons, they do not have a functional offensive line. Oakland showed exactly how much advantage a dominant offensive line can give a team.

The Bills come in very close to the playoff hunt, and would probably make it if not for the utter dominance of the AFC West. They really have no hope of making it this season, but they do have an exciting young quarterback in Tyrod Taylor and a veteran running back in Lesean McCoy. We'll see how well Seattle's defense can contain the Buffalo attack.

Tonight's game is on ESPN at 5:30 Pacific, and can be streamed via ESPN3.