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VIDEO: Re-live Raiders touchdowns vs Broncos called by Greg Papa

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Rewatch the touchdowns from Oakland's big win over Denver with radio call from Greg Papa

Take a break from election day by electing to watch the Raiders score their four touchdowns as called by Raiders radio broadcast voice, Greg Papa.

Touchdown 1 : Latavius goes over the top

Latavius' first touchdown, going over the top of the pile and barely breaking the endzone with the ball

Touchdown 2 : Ineligible Downfield

Absolutely beautiful play design and call to get the easy passing touchdown to Latavius, but Donald Penn gets too far downfield to nullify the play

Touchdown 3 : Donald Penn makes good

Two plays later, Donald Penn helps grade out the Denver line and give Latavius a nice lane into the endzone

Touchdown 4 : Austin Howard's Big Block

Latavius' 3rd touchdown of the night comes courtesy of a brutish push by Austin Howard. As a reward, Lats gives Austin the ball to spike.

BONUS : The Last Defensive Stand

Bonus Papa Call, the final defensive drive that sealed the game and the current 1st place standing in the AFC West

You're welcome.