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Latavius Murray nominated for FedEx Ground Player of the Week: Vote here

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The presidential election isn’t the only thing you should be voting on today.

Last week it was Derek Carr who took home FedEx Air Player of the Week (along with AFC Offensive Player of the Week and Castrol Edge Clutch Player of the Week). This week the Raiders won on the ground, with Latavius Murray. So, naturally, he has been nominated for Ground Player of the Week.

Murray ran for 114 yards and 3 touchdowns as the Raiders controlled the game from start to finish over the reigning Super Bowl champion Broncos. The Tay Train broke through for big runs and finished those off by pounding through for scores.

His competition is Chargers Melvin Gordon who rushed for 196 yards on 32 carries (6.1 avg.) and a touchdown in a 43-35 win over the Tennessee Titans and Saints Mark Ingram who rushed for 158 yards on 15 carries (10.5 avg.) and a touchdown in a 41-23 win over the San Francisco 49ers.

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