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Raiders week 9 Ballers & Busters vs Broncos: Part two

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It was another single Buster game for the Raiders.


TJ Carrie

Just like a couple weeks ago against the Jaguars when Shilique Calhoun was the only Buster, I must point out that I am not piling on Carrie. He wasn’t far and away so bad that he alone gets this dishonor. He is simply the only Raiders player deserving of being named a Buster.

With Sean Smith out with his shoulder injury, Carrie got a lot of work as the team’s nickel corner. Actually, he started things off with great coverage to force an incompletion on third down early in the second. The next drive was not so good. On third and 4, Demaryius Thomas got behind him and though he caught up to Thomas, Carrie didn’t turn around and gave up the 23-yard catch. It was the first Broncos first down of the game and that drive led to the Broncos first touchdown.

It went from bad to worse for Carrie on the Broncos’ final drive of the first half. He gave up a 13-yard catch, followed by a 7-yard catch, was called for holding on third and 3, and then was burnt badly on a long ball for Emmanuel Sanders. Lucky for him, the pass was just a bit too long and Sanders’s diving grab was ruled incomplete, forcing the Broncos to settle for a field goal.

Late in the 4th quarter, with the Raiders holding onto a commanding 30-13 lead, the Broncos made it interesting real quick. A screen pass to Kapri Bibbs went for 69 yards for a touchdown. A lot of Raiders defenders made a lot of poor attempts at tackling Bibbs as he navigated his way through defenders and matriculated downfield. Carrie was one of those defenders. He was way down field on his receiver, not noticing what was happening behind him. Once the screen pass was complete, Carrie was shoved WAY downfield. By the time he recovered, Bibbs was nearing the 20-yard-line. He made a half-hearted attempted to make a stop only to be shoved to the ground once again by a blocker as Bibbs was running across the goal line. Not his (or any of the Raiders defenders on the field) finest moment.

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